DR (Dansk Radio) is free to watch from the US online. All you have to do is go to www.DR.dk, navigate to “TV”, and voila, you can now select between a host of top-notch Danish TV series like “Borgen”, “Arvingerne”, or  “Mord Uden Grænser (The Team)”. Or watch Danish favorite programs like “Kontant” (Cash), “Madmagasinet” (the Food Magasin), or just the news. For the little ones there’s access to all kinds of classic children’s programs. What’s even better, on DR.dk you can watch all of DR TV’s stations including DR2, DR3, DRK, Ramasjang, and Ultra. Unfortunately, most of these shows do not come with English subtitles, so you’ll have to know Danish to watch them. Or, this may be as good a time as ever to learn.

TV2 play
To access TV2 Play (play.tv2.dk), you’ll need to pay a monthly fee. However, a regular package is not too expensive running about $10-15 a month (depending on the value of the dollar). You can get the first month free if you have a Danish phone number where you can receive a promo code to gain access for a month. After that you’ll have to pay to continue your membership.

We now have a paid membership, but got our first month free. To get our first month free we had the promo code sent to a family member in Denmark using their phone number to sign up. They subsequently passed the code on to us.

At TV2 Play you can access awesome shows like “Rita”, “Dicte”, “Natholdet”, “Lillemand”, “Badehotellet”,  “Norskov”, and their newest addition “Bedre Skilt end Aldrig”. You can also watch a lot of sport events live like handball or soccer.

Finally, you have access to all of TV2’s channels like Zulu, News, Charlie, and Sport. As with DR.dk these shows do not have English subtitles, and some movies may unfortunately not play in the US due to international restrictions.

Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is a free open-sourced media player software that can be downloaded and installed on your Smart TV, Computer, Tablet, Phone etc. It allows you to add different plugins, some of which include Danish TV sources such as DR TV, Ekko, or Borsen. Through these you can access a variety of programs directly from the sources. It deserves mentioning that not all the programs can play in the US, but we’ve had luck with a lot of them. You’ll have to test your way through the shows you like.

The most valuable plugin may be iStream. IStream gives you access to nearly any show on the planet, including Danish shows. It will search the internet for online links to the show (or movie) you are looking for. Once the search is done, you’ll have to go through the links to find one that works. This service is really good for the shows that Denmark has sold to other countries, like “The Bridge”.

It’s key that you have a solid WiFi connection to ensure quick streaming.

One of the major pros is that the links often have English subtitles so you can indulge in these shows with your American friends and loved ones. For the computer savvy, you can configure iStream to auto play the different links and only run the link that works. This will save you a lot of time.

Overall, Kodi can do so much more than just give you access to Danish TV. It also includes plugins for Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and a variety of other application.

Netflix is home to a variety of good Danish shows and movies. All it requires is a subscription to Netflix, which many people have today. Currently Netflix features “Rita” and “Dicte”. Netflix is usually behind on adding seasons, so if you can’t go to the original source, you will have to brace yourself with patience once you have finished binge-watching a season.

It also features movies like “Adam’s Apples”, “Clown”, “After the Wedding”, “Kapringen”, and other great Danish movies.

If you want even more access, you can obtain a Danish VPN. With a Danish VPN you will be able to use the Danish version of Netflix. All it requires is you connect to your Danish VPN and then launch Netflix.

Free Online TV
Free Online TV sources can be a bit tricky and require patience. Free Online TV can be accessed through any browser. Two well established websites are Project Free TV or TV Muse (formerly EU TV Links). On the plus side, you can search and watch nearly any show on these sites. You may have to know the English name for the Danish (or Scandinavian) show you want to watch.

On the downside, the sites are filled with popups and commercials. It often takes a couple of clicks and closing additional pop-up windows with advertisements before you get to watch your show. You also have to go through links on your own, many of which may not work, or may be slow and require that you wait for it to buffer. If this is the case, pause the show and go make yourself a cup of tea while it buffers.

The iStream plugin available in Kodi mentioned above accesses all of these various streaming sources and searches for links that work. The advantage of using iStream through Kodi is that you don’t have to deal with annoying pop-ups and advertisements.

We are sure there are several other ways to watch Danish TV in the US, and would love to hear about them, so please share your thoughts and ideas. Many of the above suggestions also works for Swedish and Norwegian TV.

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