When we first heard of Lukas Graham it was when they performed on CONAN back in November. We were blown away by their talent and predicted that a US tour would materialize within a few short months. We were wrong. Our prediction came true only a few weeks later when tour dates for more than 25 cities were announced.

Lukas Graham has taken the US by storm, and they’re not going away any time soon. Thankfully so.

In the past month, the band has criss-crossed the US on multiple occasions, and Sunday they finally came through Washington DC, where we caught their live show at U Street Music Hall.

There are few things that can bring Danes in the US out in drones. Usually it takes a soccer (fuss ball) match for everyone to don their flags and red shirts. If we hadn’t known any better, we could easily have mistaken yesterday’s crowd for a bunch of sports-crazed Danes. But, they weren’t there to cheer on their favorite team. This time it was their new favorite “national” band. Who, by the way, performed ten-times better than any Danish national soccer team has done in decades.

If you’ve had a chance to look up Lukas Graham online and checked out some of their first videos on YouTube, you’ll quickly realize that these boys got talent. Four kids in their living room drinking beer, smiling, making music, and laughing… It’s the stuff that dreams are made of. Or at least great albums. Lukas Graham has made an album where half the songs make you want to cry and the other half make you want to dance the night away. And, then there’s the few songs that make you want to call up your ex. Don’t!

The level of depth in their lyrics perfectly captures the essence and importance of family, friendship, and community. This may be because of Lucas “Forchammer” Graham’s own background as a kid growing up in Christiania – a freetown inside Copenhagen where community means everything. A community that is often threatened by internal and external turmoil – but despite it still endures.

Forchammer’s voice is amazing. There is no better word to describe it. He may be one of the best artists we’ve heard live. Our favorite moments was during Forchhammer’s interactions with the audience and when he performed “Happy Home”.

When tickets went on sale, and shows started selling out, Graham’s US manager had made the suggestion to upgrade their venues and add more tickets. The band refused, wanting to keep this first tour small and intimate. We appreciate that. Forchammer’s interactions with the audience would not have been the same had it been at a bigger venue.


“Happy Home” was what launched the band into a Scandinavian success – “7 Years” is what took them international. There is no doubt about the fact that Forchammer’s dad is the inspiration for much of his music. Judging on the lyrics, we don’t blame him. It sounds like he was a really cool guy. “Happy Home” was written right after his father’s passing in 2012 and pays tribute to the happy childhood and home his mom and dad build for him. Forchammer’s performance of the song was intense and passionate, and showed both the sorrow and joy he must have felt when writing it in memory of his dad.

The venue was packed. And, it wasn’t just the Danes filling it up. Lucas Graham has captured the hearts of Americans, and we predict they will continue to do so. If you haven’t had a chance to catch any of their shows, they still have a few cities left to visit, though not many. We’re pretty sure they will be back, though. At bigger venues, with more tickets.

We would have loved to meet the band personally. Unfortunately, they had to get on the road to their next location. Exiting the venue, we were lucky to bump into Mark “Lovestick” Falgren – the band’s drummer, who were kind enough to entertain us for a short chat and a quick picture.

Until next time Lucas Graham. We hope you may not keep us waiting for too long for your return.

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