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Scandinavia is famous for its love of family cargo bikes. Like the people of Scandinavia, the family cargo bike embodies the values of community, sustainability, and a healthy lifestyle. And we are not alone in seeing the genius of these bikes. More and more American families are also exchanging their car for a “car-go” bike.

Where I live in Philadelphia, I’ve noticed a significant increase in the varieties and makers of cargo bikes for the whole family. The urban landscape with lots of town homes is perfectly suited for owners to park their bike. In New York, the Cargo Bike Collective is changing our transportation future. Now you can even book two-wheeling movers to get your furnishing from point A to point B. In other words, many families find that a cargo bike provides solutions in real life.

Long gone is the image of the cargo bike as a vehicle for the hippie-generation. In fact, it’s the newest status symbol of the urban cool and well-to-do with multiple kids and a busy schedule to keep. Most cargo bikes will cost you upwards of $5,000 before the wheels are greased and delivered. But in rush hour, you’ll love breezing by the traffic jam with an electrical-assist cargo bike.

This spring, family cargo bikes were all the rage at Scandinavian events in Washington, DC. Lending his high-profile position to a low-gravity cargo bike, we saw Danish Ambassador Lars Gert Lose along with visiting Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen give bike rides to seniors in collaboration with Cycling Without Age at the EU Open House. Lose also arrived in style with his daughter on a Christiania Bike to the Nordic Stars exhibit at the Hillyer Art Space.

Perhaps it’s time for your family to drop a wheel or two as well? If you’re in the midst of re-thinking the logistics of your family’s schedule or considering a new mode of transportation, a family cargo bike might be just the right thing for you.

Check-out our SL Pinterest board for a list of makers of family cargo bikes, and keep an eye out for our upcoming series on cargo bikes.


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