Ingredients (serves 8 people)

Rice  Cream
1/3 portion rice porridge (see recipe)
2 cups heavy whipping cream
1.5 cup almonds
4 tsp vanilla powder
4 tbsp sugar

Cherry Sauce
2 cans of cherries (we like Oregon cherries in syrup)
1 1/2 cup cherry juice
3 tbsp vanilla
Starch to desired consistency
Port, sherry or cherry wine to taste

Instructions: Rice cream

Prepare a portion of rice porridge. For directions, see here.

Blanche the almonds and remove the skin. It only takes a few minutes for the skin to loosen on the almonds. Chop them. You can chop them coarsely or finely — this depends on taste.

Take the porridge and add the vanilla, sugar, and chopped almonds.

Hint: Adding these items while the porridge is warm makes it easier to mix and stir. You can also wait to add it until the porridge is cold.

Leave the porridge with almonds and the condiments in the fridge overnight or during the day. If it’s still warm when you put it in the fridge, don’t cover it. This will cause condensation and will water down your porridge.

Right before serving whip the cream and mix it with the porridge.

Instructions: Cherry sauce

Bring the cherry juice to a light simmer and add the vanilla. Strain the cherries from the syrup (or other liquid in the can). Put the cherries aside. Add the syrup to the pot. You can strain the cherries right over the pot. Stir and let the mixture come to a simmer again.

Now, start adding some starch little by little and let the sauce come to a boil so it can thicken.

Hint: We use Maizena as a starch, which we bring from Denmark. Since most people don’t have that available, we recommend you use cornstarch mixed in a little bit of water, or 2 tbsp flour shaken with 1/5 cup of milk.

Before the sauce reaches your desired consistency, add in the cherries. You don’t want these in for too long. They will get all mushy. Stir and let the sauce continue heating. If you want a thicker sauce add in some more starch.

Finally, add port, sherry, or cherry wine. About 1/4 cup works, but this really depends on taste, so play around with it, by adding a little bit at the time.

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