‘Tis the season to be stuffed, so why not get started on prepping for your holiday meals? If you want a Scandinavian Christmas dinner on the table Christmas Eve, good planning is definitely something you’ll need to do. Getting all the ingredients and dishes ready for the traditional meal is not always easy. Especially not when you live abroad. It may be necessary to order some items in advance or be a bit adventurous to get everything together.

With our detailed Christmas shopping lists, we’ve done some of the work for you!

Danish Christmas dinner

Danish Christmas Dinner: Comfort food at its best

All Danish families eat about the same on Christmas Eve. Duck or Goose with red pickled cabbage, caramelized potatoes, currant jam, and a lot of gravy. Larger families may also add a roast pork to the dining table. Dessert is always Risalamande with cherry sauce. A creamy rice porridge with vanilla and almond.

Swedish Christmas dinner: An all-day feast

The Swedes are the only ones that do dinner a bit differently. In fact, they don’t do dinner on Christmas Eve. Rather they take part in an all-day feast that start around noon. Their buffet-style feast includes everything from pork roast and meatballs to a variety of cheeses, bread and potatoes.

Norwegian Christmas dinner: Regional delights

Dinner on Christmas Eve in Norway can vary from region to region. In the East they often eat pork roast—or “ribbe”, which is much like the Danish flæskesteg – just a different cut. In the South, Fish such as lutefisk and cod is common. And, in the North they eat ribs of mutton (pinnekjøt). The meats are served with a variety of sides, and creamy desserts.

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