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TASTE Scandinavia is about staying culinarily rooted in Scandinavian food, while using the products and raw materials available locally in the US.

Our original recipes are inspired by family and tradition and the ideas of top chefs from around Scandinavia. In line with the principles guiding New Nordic cuisine, we believe in working with clean raw materials that are sourced locally to the extent possible.

We know that today there are many opportunities for sourcing local Scandinavian food items online. This can be particularly helpful around the holiday season. On a daily basis, though, this option is unrealistic for most home cooks.

We’ll give you tips on how to find the essential ingredients and tools you need for cooking your favorite Scandinavian food. How do you ask your local butcher for the right cut of meat, what type of rice can be used when the recipe calls for “grødris”, and how do you best substitute “persilleroedder” – a favorite vegetable to many Scandinavians? Spæk, anyone?

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Featured recipe

Farmer Buns: Bake your own Scandinavian whole wheat rolls

For breakfast, lunch, or snack these whole wheat, low sugar, healthy grain Farmer Buns have it all – and then some.

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My favorite everyday rye bread

o me the taste of rye is “unryevaled”. With every bite of this whole grain rye bread, I am transported back to my native Scandinavia. Perhaps it’s the childhood memories of my school lunch box, or the thought of a traditional lunch table served at...

Fastelavnsboller: A bun for Nordic Carnival

Are you looking for a last-minute fastelavnsbolle-recipe? These buns are the perfect choice. They are a favorite for both kids and adults alike and embody a rich and complex explosion of tastes that will make you come back to this recipe again and again.

Warm pickled red cabbage

From November till February there’s not a fridge in any of the Scandinavian countries that doesn’t have a jar of pickled red cabbage. This dish is key to the Scandinavian Christmas table whether as a side for meat and potatoes, or as a topping on open-faced sandwiches. Use our recipe to get your own pickled red cabbage in house during the winter months.

Roast pork with crackling (flæskesteg or ribbe)

oast pork with crackling may be one of the most popular dishes in Scandinavia. This succulent and flavorful dish is perfect for the cold months. It’s usually served warm with potatoes and gravy, but can also be used cold as topping on an open-faced...

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