Let’s be clear: There is really nothing Scandinavian about Halloween. Take the orange color, for instance, which is virtually absent in Scandinavia for fear of being confused with the Dutch. Or the spooky ghost-theme, of which there is no such equivalent in Scandinavia – though, we do have a dress-up holiday, but that’s for Fastelavn and there is no celebration of the dead or their ghosts (just a cat). And the excessive candy binging – oh wait, that is actually very Scandinavian! Have you ever heard about “lördagssgodis” or “lørdagsslik”? But generally speaking, there is very little cultural overlap between Halloween and Scandinavia.

So, why a blog about a Scandinavian Halloween theme? …you might ask.

I’ll get to that in a minute. (Or if you can’t wait a minute longer, go straight to 3 easy tricks to plan your Scandinavian Halloween theme.)

As a Celtic tradition that used to be despised by the early puritan settlers for its pagan roots, Halloween later became a national American celebration as the wave of Irish immigrants intensified. In Europe, All-Hallows-Eve was celebrated in old Celts lands and spread throughout England, Ireland, and France as the holiday merged with the Roman Catholic church – but it never made it to Scandinavia.

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Today, ghosts and scarecrows line the streets all over America throughout the month of October. And whether you like it or not, it’s really hard to avoid Halloween season – especially if you have kids!

Perhaps you’re tired of seeing witches and straw men on your doorstep for a month.

Or maybe you’re an urbanite living in a condo without a doorstep in the first place. You’re fed up with melted pumpkins that look more scary than the skeletons they’re lighting up. The particles released from the hay stacks that greet you at every corner sends your nasal muscles into overdrive. Or you have no inclinations whatsoever to outdo your neighbors in “who can drum up the most outrageous spoofs.”

Whatever the reason, we totally get it. You’re just in the mood for something a little different this year. And so are we!

Here’s how you can imbue a bit of Scandinavian style into your Halloween theme this season.

3 easy tricks & treats

for a Scandinavian Halloween theme


Did you like the feature photo above? We asked our local florist to make a Scandinavian-inspired Halloween centerpiece, and we love the result. Here are 3 easy-to-remember tricks to add a bit of Scandinavian-style to your Halloween decorations: Choose pastel colored pumpkins, opt for curly willow branches, and make it pop with silver accents!

Then add a few black cats or bats, and you have yourself a stylish Halloween theme.


With so many pumpkin varieties to choose from, go for grey, white and pinkish.


Instead of hay, opt for curly willow branches for a fanciful look.


Instead of purple, add some sparkle with silver accents to bounce the highlights around.


Kids will love a chance to dress up like a viking or a troll. We’re giving away free designs for putting together costumes for two of the most popular Scandinavian characters. Choose between Viking or Troll, and your kid is sure to have a unique costume that will draw a lot of attention (and we know that from first hand experience!). Keep in mind that these Scandinavian Living original costume designs can easily be fitted to any kid – whatever their size and age.

So, what’s is going to be – Troll or Viking? Click here to get your free designs!

Trolls are supernatural beings in Scandinavian folklore that usually lives in the forest or in caves.

From the Scandinavian homelands, the seafaring Vikings reached America long before Columbus did.


We went shopping for Scandinavian treats at Scandaffären – a local store near Philadelphia, which also has a webshop. Of course we couldn’t pass up a Scandi favorite that couldn’t be any more seasonal, Witch Screech, which is a sweet ‘n salty licorice (called Haxvral in Swedish / Heksehyl in Danish and Norwegian). We also got some Pink Chalk and Forest Berries.

Another good spot for blending your own Scandinavian candy is Ikea – if there’s one near you. They now have pick and mix your own sweets stands in most stores with over 45 varieties to choose from.

Then, make your own little candy bags and you’re ready when they come trick or treating!


Witch Screech is a sweet ‘n salty licorice, which is perfect as a Scandinavian Halloween treat.


Mix your own little candy bags and you’re ready when they come trick or treating!

Happy Halloween

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