A Scandinavian love affair with outerwear

by | Oct 25, 2016 | Fashion & Design

Fall! One of the most beautiful seasons has finally arrived. The foliage is here, the majority of the country can feel a real chill in the air, and before you know it, you once again get to wear your favorite outerwear.

At Scandinavian Living, we love fall. Maybe because it reminds us of a Scandinavian summer. Not too cold, not too warm. But, most of all, it’s because it allows us to bring out our sweaters, jackets, boots, and darker clothing, which are usually too warm for an American Summer. I shall not lie and will gladly admit I have been eying my tall brown leather boots for months now.

Scandinavians love their outerwear. Possibly more than any other nationalities in the world. They spend a great deal of time, and not to mention money, on selecting the right outerwear to carry them through Fall and Winter.


In fact, it might be one of the highest spending categories within Scandinavian societies. That, and traveling to warmer countries for vacation. Witnessing Scandinavians buying outerwear is amusing to say the least.

Hearing them speak about said outwear is even more amusing.

The waterproofing is 10000mm

The quality of the seam taping is amazing

3 wool undies for under $200!!!

Pricey the items may be, it’s certain that Scandinavians are always some of the best dressed when it comes to outwear. It’s built into their genetics. Amongst Scandinavians there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

To help you stay warm, dry and stylish this fall, here’s a few pointers on what we look for.

The Jacket

We want something that can suit all weather conditions during the fall and even carry us into early winter. It needs to be windproof and keep you dry, which combined is certain to also keep you warm. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a heavy down jacket to stay warm. As long as you look for proper wind and waterproof clothing, you should be fine. That’s unless you are about to climb Mt. Everest.

Keep in mind that wind and water resistant is not necessarily enough. Water resistant may keep you dry enough for a short drizzle, but it needs to be waterproof to keep driving rain out. Look for at least 5000MM waterproof rating and above if your goal is to stay completely dry. This should secure you if you get caught in the rain on your bike, or if you’re just out on a windy day. Any waterproof jacket is also windproof. Scandinavians don’t believe they have to forego style for comfort. Luckily for us, most of the Scandinavian (and nordic) brands we love, tend to design fashionable outerwear that accentuates the human shape rather than just wrap it in a square waterproof piece of fabric.

The Boots

There’s nothing worse, and maybe embarrassing, than walking down a wet sidewalk and suddenly feel your legs slip away from under you. Before you know it… Thump!!! There you are sitting on your behind. Yeah, those boots you bought may have looked great in the store, but it’s now clear, they weren’t suitable for slippery wet and icy conditions. As with jackets, no need to forego style to get a pair of reliable boots for the fall and winter.

First, look for boots with a good grip. Think of the tires for your car. The less tread depth, the worse they are withstanding slippery conditions. A minimum of about 3 millimeters is suggested. Next, check out the pattern of the tread and the material of the outer sole. A circular pattern or zigzags on a good quality sole, like Vibram, makes liquid move through the soles easier. Last, but not least, buy a boot that fits. This is really the key to making sure you stay warm. Too tight and your toes will freeze off. If you have a wide foot, buy a wide boot. Cold feet are uncomfortable enough, tight shoes will just make it even more uncomfortable.

The Wool

If you haven’t read our post on the Power of Wool, then let’s recap. Scandinavians adore wool. It’s multi-purpose features can keep you warm, dry, and cool. Not to mention its ability to make you sleep better and keep bad smells – like BO – at bay. What’s not to love? Wool used to be considered an inconvenient fabric: unwieldy, itchy and heavy. Times have changed, and today it’s not only outerwear producers that love wool – Fashion designers have taken a liking to it as well.

A nice slim wool suit has become a staple in many Scandinavian men’s closets. Check out Moods of Norway, Tiger of Sweden or Norwegian Wool for fashionable men’s pieces. If purchasing items that needs to be close to the skin, look for Merino wool. This is the lightest, finest and softest kind of wool on the Market. Melton wool is good for jackets and Shetland wool is excellent in sweaters or baby booties. Do yourself a favor this fall, and get your hands on some wool products for yourself and your wee ones. You will not regret it.

For your Scandinavian Fall wardrobe

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